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Ideal area to visit the city, when leaving the building, you are in the center of everything, which implies comfort and being able to enjoy the city at any time, the displacements are made by walking. The building is a palace house (built on another earlier seventeenth century) renovated as such, in 1910 where it was given the current configuration of the facade and the decoration of the first floor with Pompeian paintings. Enter our website and browse, we offer three apartments and two studios with all kinds of amenities. Ask us any questions you have and we will be happy to answer them. The Plaza Bib Rambla (Bibarrambla in some street) is the square par excellence of Granada, you can see the monuments that are in the city, but if you have been in the square, you have not passed through Granada. It is the essence of the city since time immemorial, here they have been celebrated, from whips and bullfights, to any event that boasts (exhibitions, theaters, live music, day of the Cross, festival of Tangos, etc.). It is also known as the square of flowers, since there have been flower stalls since the mid-twentieth century.

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